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[UPDATES] Girl Vs. Monster

I’ve added 372 high and medium quality of Kat in the Disney movie Girl Vs. Monster, she looks absolutly stunning and her acting was a-mazing. You can check all the pictures in our gallery clicking the thumbs below.






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A sort of homecoming sneak peek

Watch the second sneak peek of Kat’s new movie A Sort of Homecoming, we still don’t have news of the release date but we do know is that they are waiting for U.S. film festivals to decide (the told us here). In this sneak peek we see Amy (Laura Marano) and Rosa (Katherine McNamara) solidify and unlikely friendship during their time together at debate camp.

You can also check one medium quality still and five medium quality behind the scene pictures in our photo gallery, see below!




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> Movies > A Sort of Homecoming > Behind The Scenes

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‘A Sort of Homecoming’ sneak peak!

Kat filmed the movie ‘A Sort of Homecoming’ earlier this year and it still doesen’t have premiere date but we have the first sneak peak! In the video we can see Katherine’s character while Amy Hartington (Laura Marano) explains the basic rules of high school policy debate for a national news producer. Are you excited for Kat’s new film?