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Kode Magazine photoshoot

I uploaded 8 high quality pictures from the photoshoot made by Evan Duning for Kode Magazine, check them below


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Click in read more to read the interview, she talked about Shadowhunters, The Scorch Trials, Dylan O’Brien and more!

Kode | Let’s jump right into it, Are you excited about your new project ShadowHunters?

Katherine | I couldn’t be more excited for Shadowhunters! As a fan of the books myself, I am so passionate about this project. Everyone involved is top notch and really cares about doing justice to the story and the world that Cassie (Cassandra Clare) created so beautifully in the books. I am honored to be a part of this new adaptation. I really think its going to be something special and cannot wait to share it.

Kode | What was it like auditioning for the part? would you say it’s different from any role you’ve done?

Katherine | The audition process for this role was longer than  some, but not the longest audition I have had. I auditioned for the project originally before they even had a director attached, and then didn’t hear about it for months. Then, I had another meeting and multiple tests in a matter of days. Once the news hit social media, things went crazy in the best way possible. I would say that Clary is different than any role I’ve done. She’s definitely one of the most complex, nuanced, well-rounded character I’ve been presented with. I care about her so much. She’s headstrong, brave, reckless, but she’s also vulnerable, passionate, and falling in love without meaning to. It’s a roller coaster when she’s thrown into the Shadow World, but with the help of the other characters, she manages to land on her feet.


Kode | ShadowHunters isn’t the only new project you have going on, the Mazerunner series! Can we know more about your character?


Katherine | Yes! Maze Runner: Scorch Trials is another project about which I am ecstatic. Once again, this is based on a book series of which I am a huge fan (thank you, James Dashner). The characters in this series are so well thought out and diverse, I am thrilled to be a part of the team. Sonya is a real badass. She was one of the leaders in the Group B maze and escapes along with Harriet and Aris. The girls get separated from Aris at some point along the way. When they reunite – they come back with a vengeance ready to do whatever it takes to survive in the Scorch. Kode | Mazerunner was already a huge hit when it landed in theaters, Were you nervous about joining the cast and series? Katherine | I was a so excited about joining the Maze Runner franchise. I thought the first movie was so well done and I was honored that they trusted me to bring this part to life.  I was a bit trepidatious about joining the cast – who wouldn’t be? Most of the cast had done an entire film together already and they had already shot part of Scorch Trials by the time I arrived on set. It was that first day of school nervousness – you never know what the group dynamic is going to be until you get there. However, I knew Dexter and Dylan from before so that made me more confident. As soon as I arrived, the entire group welcomed me with open arms and I felt as if I had known them for ages. It really is an amazing team – on screen and off. I couldn’t be more grateful to call each and every one of them my friend.

Kode | Any favorite moments with any of your costars on the set of MazeRunner or ShadowHunters?

Katherine | Oh so so many…too many to write down here – it would be a novel!

Maze Runner was a blast! We were literally in the trenches together for months – dusty, dirty, bruised, and cold, but smiling through it all because we had each other. My sides constantly ached from laughing with the cast and crew. One of my favorite traditions was our Mario Kart obsession. Every night – no matter how late (or early) it was, we would convene in one of the hotel rooms after work and play for hours. Believe me when I tell you – these guys are amazingly good at Mario Kart. I’m just passable, but these guys are champions. 

The Shadowhunters cast bonded immediately as well. Most of us aren’t from Toronto which where we shot the series, so together we had to figure out how to live in the city and it was the best thing for our connection/chemistry. From fight training, to cast rehearsals, to network meetings, to shootings, to weekend shenanigans, we had the best time becoming the family we are today. Dom and I were friends for almost a year before this project even came up and I’m so grateful that the two of us were cast as Clary and Jace. Because their connection and chemistry on screen has to be so strong, its so nice to have a level of trust and relationship already in place. I’ll never forget the first night we all sat down as a cast for dinner. I had just flown in and was exhausted from lugging six months worth of bags up to my room, but as soon as I saw Dom and met everyone else, I was immediately re-energized, excited to begin the journey, and ready to take on any demon or Downworlder in our way.

Kode | What peaked your interest in acting and making it your career?

Katherine | I never intended to be an actor. I was a ballet dancer and a softball pitcher who wanted to be an economist when she grew up. Well, you know what they say about the best laid plans… I ran into a family friend who was directing a community theatre production and needed some dancers. I was the kid who would try anything and thought “Why not?” Theatre sounded like it could be a fun way to spend the summer. Indeed it was a blast. I will never forget the moment I stepped on stage on opening night. Something hit me like a brick wall and I knew – this is what I had to do for the rest of my life. There was no doubt in my mind. In that moment, my life changed forever. I’ve never looked back and I’ve never been happier. 

Kode | Do you feel any pressure being a young hollywood starlet?

Katherine | When you love and care about what you do for a living, there is always a bit of pressure, self inflicted or otherwise. As a self-admitted perfectionist, a good deal of the pressure I feel is self inflicted, but beneficial nonetheless. To answer your question directly, sure, there is a bit of pressure being in young Hollywood for anyone who wants to be successful in their career. The important part is not to focus on the pressure or what others think you should do or say or become. What is essential is to stay true to yourself and what you know to be good and right for you and your heart and who you are as a human being. If you are able to do that, any pressure and negativity around you will just simply roll off your back.

Kode | #WetHot Question : Was it hard not crushing on Dylan O’Brien?

Katherine | Haha .. actually no! Dylan has been my brother from day one, so it never really occurred to me to see him in that light.  I have massive respect for him and his work. He is one of the most focused and passionate people I know when it comes to his career. He really cares and it shows in the quality work he does on screen. However, he doesn’t let his care for the work bog him down – he is still able to have fun on set and crack more jokes than the rest of us combined. I’m so thrilled to have worked with him and hopefully will get to do so again if Death Cure is made.

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