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Kat Dishes Details About Her Character Sonya

Here are some of the most remarkable things she said:

(About Sonya)”I get to play this really tough chick and she’s a lot of fun.”

 (How she prepared for the role) “I read the books. I watched the movie. I talked to the director and I talked to the rest of the cast.”

(About the plot) “The Gladers are out of the maze, but their troubles are far from over, they have so many more obstacles to overcome, creatures and evil people and all sorts of things coming for them, much worse than the Grievers ever were.”

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Kat describes her music

Kat talked to the LVLten magazine for the March/April issue.

“It’s pop music but I’m finessing the exact vibe. It’s going to be something that suites my personality and is an expression of myself. I feel if I’m going to do music it has to be a part of myself that I’m sharing with the world, because I’m not playing a character, I’m being myself,” Kat said. “Stylistically if you took Bridgit Mendler, Cher Lloyd, and Karmin, and went in that vibe, perhaps that might encompass it. I’ve got a bunch of new music coming that I’m putting together right now. I’ve got a little window of time that I’m trying to get a few songs recorded and get that done to put an EP together.”